When Harry Went to India

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When Harry Went to India is beautifully illustrated with vivid photographs. It is a stylish and informative book designed to capture the hearts and minds of readers from the age of eight onwards. The cross-cultural content of the book makes it ideal for teachers and parents who are interested in exposing their children to different ways of life.This book is about the adventures of Harry Watson, Susan Sickert and Abdul Casley (Cas), who travelled to India in 2003. Harry, a senior Nyikina lawman and cameleer, was keen to learn how the Indian cameleers worked. The friends visited Pushkar at the time of the Pushkar Mela when thousands of people flock to the small town to buy and sell camels and to worship the Hindu god Brahma.Harry, Cas and Susan also visited Kolkata, Varanasi, Jaipur, Ajmer, Dehli and Jaisalmer. On their travels Harry noticed many differences and similarities between the lives of the rural Indian people and those of his people.  He makes a number of poignant, funny and unusual comparisons between his experiences in India and those of his youth in the Kimberley.When Harry Went to India celebrates similarities and differences between Indian and Aboriginal peoples whilst exploring the reality of discrimination and poverty that existed and continues to exist in both cultures.

By Susan Sickert and Harry Watson

Published by Backroom Press.