Traditional Gypsy Tarot Cards and Book by Pedro Mozsi

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Traditional Gypsy Tarot Cards and Book by Pedro Mozsi

This beautiful set of Tarot Cards and booklet for intepreting and reading has been created by renowned Artist Pedro Mozsi who now resides in Broome Western Australia.

From the Book:

"The first Mozsi was born in the village of Eberhard, a region of Czechoslovakia, in 1852. Named Ferenz Mozi, his father was Count Grof Appinvi Gyorgy. His mother was a beautiful gypsy, who left the village shortly after the boy's birth, never to return. The Gypsy Tarot Cards, her most prized possession she left with her son, to remember her by and remind him of his heritage. The prized Tarot pack had been put away lost to the family for more than 100 years. Karoly Mozsi, a descendant of the first Mozsi and grandfather of the author, become one of the most accomplished violinists of Central Europe. He fathered three sons who between them, gave him twelve grandchildren. Yet he never forgot the Gypsy Tarot Legacy. In the year before his death in 1968, he had a premonition that they would be found in the attic of his ancestral home. He found the cards exactly in the place he had expected to find them. When only 16 years of age I was entrusted with the task of recreating the family Gypsy Tarot cards. This was because I was able to accept the artistic challenge, which the cards' recreation offered. Although I have been a painter and illustrator for most of my life, it has taken thirty years to reach this stage. But now I have fulfilled my promise to my grandfather and have recreated again the family Gypsy Tarot pack.

The earliest Gypsy tribes can be traced back about one and half thousand years. This was the beginning of the nomadic gypsy's movement west from northern India. The gypsy tarot shares its origins and some of its symbols with the game of chess, it also has a similar degree of sophistication. Tarot packs usually contain 78 cards, each with its own meaning. In contrast, the fifty pictures in the Mozsi pack have 4 meaning, which will vary according to the dealing pattern therefore the cards have 200 potential meanings"

There are 25 beautifully printed Tarot cards (10cm x 10cm) creating 50 images, with 200 possible meanings.
218 page full colour book (11cm x 14cm) containing Pedro's history, Tarot interpretations and a guide to reading and understanding the Tarot.
Package in well presented box. Each box comes with a gypsy blessing insterted into the lid.