Squirrelon Short Flat Squirrel Mix

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The flow characteristics of squirrel, it's maintenance of shape coupled with the strength and flexibility of synthetic make this range an ideal brush for watercolour and the craft market where flow characteristics and water retention are required. A unique blend of natural Russian tail squirrel hair and synthetic fibre. The flat shape is excellent for applying washes with more control e.g. in painting buildings. Turn on it's side for line work. The squirrelon range of brushes have been specifically designed for watercolour, gouache and silk painting applications. Also ideal as a cosmetic brush for cosmetic make-up artists. A well priced brush, excellent for all beginners. Short handle.
  • Size 6: 20cm long. Bristles 12mm wide by 16mm in length.
  • Size 8: 21cm long. Bristles 20mm wide by 21mm in length.
  • Size 12: 23cm long. Bristles 25mm wide by 30mm in length.