Squirrelon Oval Wash Squirrel Mix

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The flow characteristics of squirrel coupled with the strength and flexibility of synthetic make this range ideal for watercolour and the craft market where flow characteristics and water retention are required. The oval shape is an all-rounder. A unique blend of natural Russian tail squirrel hair and synthetic fibre. Manufactured in a teardrop shape, the wide base is useful for broad washes and the point for petite work. Also ideal as a cosmetic brush for cosmetic make-up artists. The squirrelon range of brushes always keep their shape and have been specifically designed for watercolour, gouache and silk painting applications. Short handle.
  • Size 8: 22cm long. Bristles 30mm wide by 38mm in length.
  • Size 12: 24cm long. Bristles 35mm wide by 40mm in length.