Savannah Stretcher Bar 100cm Box of 50 Pairs

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Savannah Standard Stretcher Bars measure 18ml x 42ml x 100cm.
Made from straight kiln dried pine
French corners for easy and sturdy assembly
Beaded edge to keep canvas clear from support

What else you need.

Another pair of bars to complete your support, (if you want a 100cm x 30cm frame you also need to buy a pair of 30cm bars)
A staple gun (if you don't already have one we sell "Arrow Staplers")
A set of canvas pliers or strong fingers. We sell Savannah Stretching pliers.
Some canvas which we also sell.

Please note we are currently changing the finger join configurations on our Stretcher Bars, the 90cm, 60cm and 50cm bars have the new configurations and will not join with other sizes. We will have update our entire range by end of March 2015