Rare Sandra Mungulu Art Work Wannalirri Wandjinas

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Title: Wullungunda Wandjinas
Artist: Sandra Mungulu
Language Group: Worora
Dimensions:  144cm x 210cm
Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas

Wullungunder is the son of Idjair. Idjair is  a Wandjina" who was the only living thing present at the beginning of time. Idjair released an amazing amount of power called "WUNNDA" and created the universe. He then made a son and called him Wullungunder. Idjair then told Wullungunder to travel through space to find a suitable place to create life. Wallungunder sent his power down to cteate a round ball of jelly which would later become Earth. Inside the ball of jelly he created two Ungud snakes. One snake liked the sunlight and the other snake liked the darkness. They fought each other and this made the Earth spin. Wallungunder then brought many snakes to the surface of the jelly and made them carve out ocean basins, valleys, and mountain ranges. He then sent his power down using the line between his
eyes and turned the jelly into rock. Wallungunder then created a huge rain storm which filled the oceans. Wallungunder then set about creating all manner of life forms. He had great difficulty controlling the first human beings which are called Gyom Gyorn by the people of Mowanjum. Thus Wallungunder traveled back to the Milky Way and brought back a multitude of Wandjinas, one for each family goup. The people of Mowanjum today believe that the Wandjinas themselves painted theit own image on the caves before they returned to the Milky Way or transformed into clouds, and still control the Wet season today.

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