On Location Plein Air Painting in Pastel

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At last, a superior artist shows you how to create an authentic plein air painting in pastel! Although you might not think there's a lot to learn about pastel painting on-site, and you can probably produce something acceptable, once Richard McDaniel shows you his method, you'll be able to lift your work to a new level - one that preserves the excitement of that initial on location vision.
As you would expect, there is plenty of help regarding equipment and preparation for plein air painting. But Richard goes further by demonstrating and demystifying the process of evaluating the elements and the way each element can be placed and interpreted to its best advantage. What you get in this book is a true insight into the mechanisms of pictorial thought, the key to any exceptional work of art.
The 8 demonstrations, practical advice, tips on lighting and handling the light on site make this a genuine teaching book for everyone in love with the landscape.

Hard back edtion 128 full colour pages pages