Liquitex Professional Spray Acrylics Fluorescent Colours

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Liquitex Professional Spray Paint provides the same vibrancy, permanence and performance that Liquitex is known for, while delivering the high coverage and opacity demanded of spray paint. Liquitex Professional Spray Paint is formulated using the same artist grade pigments found in other Liquitex Professional ranges.

Unique water-based technology provides the ability to clean up with water when wet but is permanent and weather-proof when dry making it ideal for interior and exterior use.Versatile enough for almost any substrate, Liquitex Professional Spray Paint is suitable for use on canvas, wood, masonry and even glass.

Please be aware that as this product is in a pressurized can it cannot be sent by express post. If you choose and pay for express postage we will refund you the difference and send the item by standard post.