Lily Karadada Wandjina Acrylic on Canvas

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Wandjina (Circa 2000)
Acrylic on Canvas
By Lily Karadada
1,000 x 1300mm stretched canvas, a rare example of Lily's earlier work.
About the Wandjina:

The Wandjina is a sacred icon to 3 groups of Kimbelry Indigenous people. The tradition is a living culture which has been extimated to be over 15,000 years old, making it the world's oldest unbroken art tradition. The Wandjina has enjoyed a resurgence since it was used representationally by Donny Woolagoodja at the opening ceremony for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

About Lily Karadada:

Lily was born Prince Regent River area c. 1921. From her father's country, Woombangowangoorr, she went with her mother and family to Mitchell Plateau. She married Jack Karadada and eventually settled in Kalumburu, where she still lives with her huge extended and very talented family.Lily is one of Australia's most important contemporary aboriginal artists. Whilst she varies her subject matter, she has never compromised on style. Lily's paintings are instantly recognisable. Lily paints Wandjina - with varied totems, rain dotting, lightning (Black Wandjina), turtles, cave pools with bubbles - all different but all Lily Karadada.Lily was awarded the Australian Centenary Medal for Contribution to Art in 2003.