Dala Sun Colours Heliotropic Fabric Paint 1ltr

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Sun colour is a concentrated liquid heliotropic paint. The heliotropic quality (or photo negative effect) of sun colour is achieved by rheological additives that enhance the pigment migration and the cellular structure of water when exposed to sunlight (infrared light). This simply means that the rheological additives help draw the pigment from an area of concentration, which is under your stencil, to an area where it will dry the quickest. It will dry quickest in the areas exposed to the sun, so the pigment will be drawn from under your stencil toward the sun, leaving a lighter shade under the stencil producing an almost photographic negative stencil effect on fabric. It is specifically formulated for batik, direct sun and salt drying techniques. It can be used like fabric paint when a low viscosity is required. Smooth even background colour can be easily achieved. Wonderful watercolour effects can be achieved the percentage of bleeding will depend on the type of fabric used. It can also be used with an airbrush or spray bottle to create a fine speckled effect. Sprinkle coarse salt onto the wet painted fabric in conjunction with stencils to achieve fabulous effects. There are many techniques, which can be used with this versatile paint. Sun colour is colour fast once heat set.