Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green

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Artists, designers, printers, and crafters alike would agree that the selection and use of color is of great importance to their work. and yet, a great deal of misunderstanding surrounds color mixing. Michael Wilcox offers a total reassessment for the principles underlying color and color usage. This revised edition of the original Blue & Yellow Don't Make Green--the first major breakaway from the traditional concepts of the three primary colors: red, blue and yellow--contains more than 190 pages of new information on the transparency and makeup of colors and includes many new color mixing swatches. Michael Wilcox has a widely varied background, including periods as a professional artist, a conservator of art works and an engineer. His research in art and design led to the book Blue & Yellow Don't Make Green followed by the Wilcox Guide to the Best Watercolor Paints, both of which led to many changes in the pigments used in artist grade paints. Wilcox also published the Artist's Guide to Selecting Colors, which shows how to select a suitable palette in all mediums--watercolors, oil paints, acrylics and more. He lives and continues his research and writing in Bristol, England.