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The Value of Sporting Memorabilia

The Value of Sporting Memorabilia
West Coast Eagles Football GuernseyFootball season always sees us busy at Art House with framing football guernseys. Many are match signed and all have a unique value to the owner. As collectibles their monetary value can well exceed the emotional value. Depending on the guernsey and its origins the value can easily exceed triple figures.

Given their value, its worth investing in professional framing to ensure your guernsey not only looks good but will retain its condition. Poor framing can decrease the value of your investment, or even destroy it completely. While a professional framing can protect and even increase the value over time.

So what is it about framing that protects the investment? The answer is in the technique. Its about how the framer mounts the guernsey and the quality of the products used. At Art House we only use acid free archival grade materials that deter mould and other destructive agents from attacking the piece. The when mounting we use 100% reversible methods, which means if you need to, you can take the guernsey back out of the frame and it will be in its pristine state. This is the most important issue for maintaining the value of the memorabilia.


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