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Karli is the Bomb

Karli is the Bomb

Karli's Cherry Bomb Visual art is a powerful medium for communication. Throughout human history art has played a major role in recording, revering, protesting and interpreting human achievement. It is often said that its culture that makes us human. I disagree, as there is evidence of animals displaying culture. I believe its art that makes us human. It’s our ability to interpret the complex and abstract through simple line, colour and composition that sets us apart from the animal kingdom.

Broome is a hot sport of creative talent, it simmers with artistic expression. Some artists interpret abstractly while others are more objective. As a whole they provide us with a rich tapestry of work through which we can see the world and often ourselves. Many of these talented artists have achieved significant recognition both here in Broome, nationally and internationally.

One artist in Broome has been steadily building up a body of work which leaves traces across many aspects of life here in Broome and more recently in the south west. Karli Linaker who is currently studying Cert 3 in Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft at Kimberley Training Institute has used art as a confidence booster. It has inspired her to participate in community events. Karli’s artworks are unique and very recognizable in style. Her paintings are colourful, whimsical and stand out with their distinctive clear abstract designs and composition.

Karli was a regular contributor to the Theatre Kimberley Worn Art production. She has entered several Shinju Art Awards, with her entry from 2014 selling then generating a second commissioned work. She has held a successful solo exhibition and more recently won the Manjimup Cherry Festival “All Things Cherry” Sculpture Competition, with her giant Cherry Bomb. That’s why I say Karli is the Bomb.

Originally Published in the Broome Advertiser, Thursday 5th of March, as "Local Aesthetic".


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