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2011 October Art House Post

2011 October Art House Post You may be thinking that you haven't seen an Art House Post for a while? That is because the editor, that is me, has been traveling a bit lately and only recently returned to the office and had time to sit down to compile interesting things to share with you.

But first, the travel. My wife and I spent 5 weeks traveling through Africa on Safari. It was a trip that neither of us will forget in a hurry. We would highly recommend it to everyone. In a world where resource development takes a priority over everything else, it is very re-assuring to see the value placed on conservation in Africa. I kept a travel blog as we went, so if you require further prompting to go take a look. African Safari

For the artists who subscribe to this newsletter, the City of Albany in Western Australia is hosting a fantastic National Art Prize. Its first prize is $25,000.00. As well as this major cash prize, the winner will have the opportunity to spend up to four weeks in a self-contained studio cottage, at the Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany, with $2500 for associated expenses.

Two non-acquisitive Highly Commended Prizes of $1 000 each may also be awarded, at the judges’ discretion.

You can find more information and links to entry forms here.

Broome has just finished its annual festival, Shinju Matsuri, which highlights the Annual Shinju Matsuri Art Award. This year the award was won by Josh Cocking with his superb portrait of a local Kimberley woman. His winning piece can be seen here.  

And while not a winner yours truly did get a highly commended mention by the judge for this work titled Walmadan. It is painted on canvas using mainly Kimberley ochres with some acrylics. The work is an abstraction of a special site just north of Broome at James Price Point. The site is the location of the highly controversial proposed gas processing plant by Woodside and the Western Australian government. The work has an extra dimension and can be scanned with any smart phone that has a bar code reader. Scanning the work gives the viewer a further interpretation of the work and the controversial proposal. The work itself or this image on your screen can be scanned to access the extra dimension.

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