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2011 November Art House Post

2011 November Art House Post

I recently came across an interesting quote about photography, albeit its credited to anCamels on Cable Beach unknown author.  "I think a photography class should be a requirement in all educational programs because it makes you see the world rather than just look at it." I recently took this unknown authors advice and undertook a photography class here in Broome. It was a half day course and I learnt so much in such a short time that I only regret not doing the course prior to taking my recent trip to Africa. I feel sorry for my camera's auto setting, its now destined to a lonely existence.

I reviewed the the course on my blog and would love to get some feedback from the photographers, amateur and professional alike, among you. Feel free to leave a comment on our Facebook page and post some shots or blogs of your own.  

Reusable mat kitsOn the subject of photography if you buy our mats online you may be interested in a new product line we have developed which is becoming very popular. Reusable mats kits were designed for the Margaret River Camera Club, but have caught on with other photographers. These kits are fitted with flexible mylar tabs that hold the image or photo in place. They each come with a hinged backing board and are ideal for displaying work. If you would like to get some before Christmas our discount code for Christmas will be active right up until the end of December. Simply enter the code xmas in the discount code field at checkout and you will receive a 10% discount on your items.

Mark Norval, the renowned Kimberley artist now has his own art Gallery. The Mark Norval Gallery officially opened on Saturday 26 November. If ever you are in Derby in Western Australia this is must see. The gallery is home to 30 years of Mark's own work and work he has collected. Art House still represents Mark Norvals  work in our online gallery.

IT BandwagonIf you have a small to medium sized business or any venture requiring a Facebook page or other social media then there is a new business that might be of interest to you I.T. Bandwagon . This business develops websites as well as specializing in Social Media. They are offering a unique service to small business. They will analyze your Facebook page and rate it against 10 key criterion then give you a report plus a couple of free strategies for improving your pages performance. You can submit you page for analysis here. Or if you have been looking for someone to build your Facebook page then IT Bandwagon have an option for that too. 

On the topic of Social Media we've recently jumped into Google +, it seems to have some great features that Facebook doesn't have. In particular there is a function that Google calls "Hangouts" which are a bit like an informal video conferences. We are keen to take advantage of these as soon as we have some more people in our circles, so if you have discovered Google + add us to your circles. You can find us here on Google +


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