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2011 May Art House Post

2011 May Art House Post At Art House we take pride in helping people create great memories and talking pieces. Good framing can take everyday or ordinary objects and turn them into interesting wall art. Just recently we had a customer who wanted to present some old Australian paper notes in an interesting way. So Framed Australian Bank Noteswe mounted the notes on museum board and printed the descriptions of the Australians featured on each note. Then we laminated the stock information from the Australian Financial Review on to the matboard. This provides some great context for the presentation of the notes.

We were a little concerned about the longevity of the newsprint and the likeliness of discolouration. So we glazed the project with museum quality glass with a UV protection of 99.3%. This will ensure there is only very minimal if any changes to the newspaper. The finished project looks great and will become an interesting talking point in their home.  At Art House we have framed all sorts of things, some examples of interesting framing can be viewed here.

Buying Art in Bali Update

In April's  Newsletter we outlined some tips for people thinking about buying art in Bali. Since then we have stretched a number of works brought back by holidaying customers. One of the works we stretched is a great example of what else you can look to avoid when buying art in Bali. In this example the calico was so thin the painting was highly visible from the rear of the work. You can view the example here in our updated Tips on Buying Art in Bali.

Website Update

Shop exampleWe have recently changed the the free shipping level in our online store to $150.00. This means all orders on any items with a combined value of $150.00 or more will have free delivery to anywhere in Australia.

You can achieve further savings on canvas stretchers by buying boxed quantities at drastically reduced pricesof up to 45% discounts.  Simply select the box quantity from the drop down menu within the canvas stretcher item information.

For artists who are recipients of this newsletter, you might like to take another look at our Arts Forum.

Warm regards from the team at Art House.


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