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2011 Feburary Art House Post

2011 Feburary Art House Post

G.K. Chesterton once said "Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere." A clever wordsmith was Gilbert. In this edition of the Art House Post we draw the line at overly long and rambling newsletters.  Here's our offering for February short and sharp. Hope you find it useful.


This month we're introducing a new and emerging artist from Broome. Lisa Grey, is from Thangoo Station just south of Broome and captures a spirit and  vibrancy of the Kimberley that only comes from being part of a multi-generational Kimberley station family. Lisa has enjoyed some very early success in her painting career and has already become well sought after. You can read more about Lisa here, and view her work here


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Art House is a sponsor of this year's International Women's Day Art Exhibition which will be held Saturday March 12 at Broome Circle.  Entry is opened to residents of the West Kimberley 12 years of age and over. Entry forms can be downloaded here.

Until next time, I hope you find the right place to draw the line.

Warm regards from the team at Art House.


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