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Protecting Your Investment in Art

Protecting Your Investment in Art
If you collected art over time, or have items with great sentimental value then you need to protect your investment. Prevention is better than cure. Think about where you are going to hang your art. Internal walls of a house (the walls between rooms) are better for hanging art than exterior walls (the walls between inside and outside of your house). This is because the internal walls are subject to less temperature change than the outside walls.

Every few months take each piece of art off your wall and clean off any insect / gecko droppings, spiderwebs or dust from the rear of the frame, otherwise this will attract damaging moisture. Check that the sealing tape at the rear of the frame is still in good condition, if it is starting to lift it should be replaced as it plays an important role in keeping the work dry within the framed environment, limiting mould growth. Ensure each frame has felt bump-ons on the bottom two corners, this will prevent a build up of insect/gecko droppings behind your frames, promote airflow and protect your walls. Archival framing is the best starting point for caring for art. All works on paper should be mounted on 100% cotton mat board if they are not, they will eventually deteriorate. Only 100% cotton museum board is acid and lignin free for life. For valuable works you may want to consider replacing the glass with museum quality acrylic sheet. This will resist the development of moisture within the frame as acrylic unlike glass, can change temperature at the same rate as the room, it is also protected against damaging ultra violet light.

Consider installing a home gallery hanging system. This will further promote airflow behind your paintings and avoid the need for you to constantly drill holes in your walls.  If you need to clean the glass on any works framed behind glass, always spray the cleaner on to your cleaning cloth, rather than spray on the glass. In this way you will prevent excess spray from running down the glass and damaging the mat work.


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